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What Is Cotton?
Cotton yard has produced from cotton plants and it is the most ideal yard that let the air permeability. Also it has a speciality of absorption of moisture and with this feature it makes the amount of the body feel comfortable. This type of yarn is very durable.
What Is Tencel?
Tencel yarn is a natural yarn that has produced from eucalyptus trees. It has a lot of features such a; fine as silk, stong as polyester, cool as linen, warm as wool and has a feature of absorption of moisture as cotton.
What Is Bamboo?
Bamboo yarn has produced from the fiber of Bamboo trees. It is owing to be skin friendly with an anti-alergic feature. Also, it has breathing and deodorizing features too. It is ideal for feet problems which they are odors and allergy.
What Is Modal?
Modal has produced from the beech trees and it is fully natural. It has a high fiber varieties of wet and dry strenfgts. It is soft and durable. It has a feature of absorption of moisture and transfer.
What Is Wool?
Wool has produced usually fom sheeps and many other animals hair. It keeps heat very well, and takes the shape it lost. It has a smooth surface and indispensable fabric of winter clothes. Also, it has a high rate capacity of absorption of moisture.
What Is Mercerized?
Mercerized is a shape of brighthining of cotton that gets some chemical proess. Mercerized yarns are durable bright and flexible. The dye of these socks  does not flow and is very likely by the users at the same time it is widely. Additionally, in terms of features these yarns look very similar to silk.
What Is Termal?
Socks that produced from thermal yarn, protect feet temperature by heat-stable, It keeps feet dry by absorbing sweat.
What Is Non-Elastic Socks?
The exist of the elastic in the standard socks, which avoid socks from shipping has removed with a special weaving technical. This it provides to assist blood circulation. These socks are ideal for diabetes.
What Is Breathable Socks?
Thanks to the special texture that allows outside air in contact with the skin. Its  help to solve problems of sweat and o dor problems.
What Is Copper Socks?
It contains 30% copper. It helps in the cure of diseases suck as; pain of sciatica, rheumatism, diabets, blood circulation reduced static electricity in the body, reduction of sweating and it helps in the fungal treatment.  
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